Black Wire Zigon Coffee Table

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* Although it is 1st Class 18 Mm Particle Board, 0.40 Mm PVC Coating is Used in This Product.

* The PVC We Use is Not LED and First Quality Glue is Used During Bonding.    In this way, it provides both a healthy and long-lasting coating. 

* The legs are made of 1st quality metal.

* The packages contain all the necessary screws and accessories for easy installation. 

* The product is very easy to install. You can easily install it with simple hand tools.

* For fast and error-free installation, there is a part on the part that is compatible with the installation diagram.

* A Protective Special Packaging System is Used While Delivering to You.

Technical Data

Product Dimensions
Large 38cm
Medium 38cm
Small 38cm
Large 58cm
Medium 55cm
Small 52cm

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